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Country: Turkmenistan
Charges and Fees
The following fees are provided as a reference only. Each authentication is unique and fees may vary based on the type of document and the stage in which we receive your document. If we localize the authentication of your document we will handle through the District of Columbia Government. KINDLY NOTE: Documents sealed by the Federal Government, i.e., Certificates to Foreign Government, Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product, etc. go directly to the Authentication Office of the US Dept. of State in Washington, DC then to the embassy.

Embassy and other associated fees
Notary Fee: Depends on what notary charges. District of Columbia notary fee is $5.00 per document
Clerk of Court: Varies by state but usually $1.00-$10.00 per document (when clerk of court is necessary)
Secretary of State: Varies by state but usually $5.00-$20.00 per document
District Government Certification fee $15.00 per document
U.S. Department of State Fee: $8.00 per document
  • Embassy Fee: $50.00 per document

  • Money Order Fee: $5.00

  • SpeedyEgger Document Services Fees
    Call for SpeedyEgger service fees

    Please add $20.00 to our payment for the return shipping fee or include DHL/ FEDEX/ UPS airway bill with your account number and address.
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