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Document Authentication: Vietnam
SpeedyEgger Document Services will perform all the following steps on your behalf:

Foreign Countries require their embassies to authenticate special documents. The documents are normally not in tandem with commercial shipping documents. For example, contracts, distributor agreements, certificates to foreign government, certificates of pharmaceutical product, good manufacturing practices certificates, certificates of free sale, powers of attorney, U.S. Patent documentation, etc.

SpeedyEgger Document Services, Inc. knows best the fastest way to get your documents legalized because the processes involved are not always the same for every embassy. As a rule, all or a combination of the steps outlined below are necessary for embassy authentications. SpeedyEgger can perform all these steps unless, of course, you need an original document with your own notarial attestation. When that is the case, SpeedyEgger can take control of the authentication from the clerk of court level (if clerk is necessary) and complete all the processes involved, thus streamlining your authentication in an efficient, timely and economical way.

Of course, federally sealed documents, i.e., certificates to foreign government, certificates of pharmaceutical product, USDA sealed documents and other Federal Government Certificates are ready for the Authentication Office of the US Department of State as is. However, SpeedyEgger can also localize the authentication of documents not sealed by the Federal Government. This process moves normal state specific authentication steps into the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. Call for details.

Just courier (or email in some cases) your document(s) to be authenticated and one set of copies to us. We will handle it from there. Emailed documents usually fall into the category of internal documents that can be certified as copies. Call for information.
  • Signature of the person authorized to execute the document

  • Notarization of above signature by state notary or localized through a District of Columbia notary

  • Clerk of Court authentication of the notary signature (if notary does not serve at-large)

  • Secretary of State authentication of the notary and/or clerk of court depending on the state (OR) authenticated through the District Government

  • Finally, embassy authentication of the document

    Approximate Turn-Around Time: 4-7 Business Days
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