Although passport/visa questions are pretty much dealt with in the process of applying on our site, web-site FAQs for authentications and commercial legalizations are confusing and counter-productive for you, the customer.  Often, procedure depends on the type of document, the condition of the document (original or copy), what entity generated the document...the list of considerations goes on and on. Whether the document is an original or a copy, it can be authenticated/legalized as long as it is handled properly and given to the certifying bodies in the way they require it to be presented.  We have proven time and again that a few minutes of discussion on the telephone is far more productive than wading through varied and confusing web-based "FAQs" or dealing with hours of e-mail confusion and miscommunication.  Hence, our primary tool for answering questions is personal, verbal communication, the main ingredient to a successful and timely authentication/legalization.

703-549-5474 (for Greg)
703-931-4949 (for Sami)
FAX: 703-931-5959

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